Empower RPA with Natural Conversational Interface for Intelligent Digital Transformation
Comprehensively Enhance Enterprise Efficiency with end(Chatbots) to end(RPA bots) Automation
Release Employees to Focus on More Valuable Tasks and Increase Human Interaction


Intumit Conversational AI from Horizontal to Vertical

  • From Horizontal Technologies to Vertical Application Scenarios
  • Verticalize business process automation across Finance & Accounting, IT, HR, Customer Services and other departments
  • Support Omni-Channel Front-end Interface to Customers/Employees
  • Leverage Global AI Giants’ Cognitive Technologies for Digital Transformation
  • Connect to Most Popular Business Application including CRM(Salesforce), ITSM(ServiceNow), Productivity(Office 365), and Collaboration

Intumit Conversational AI + UiPath for Intelligent RPA

  • Combination of conversational interaction and an automatic execution to speed business processes
  • Seamlessly Connect to External Communication Channels like LINE, FB Messenger, Microsoft Teams... as well as Back End Systems
  • Aggregate Documents and Extract Knowledge Insight from major Business Applications Like Office 365, Sharepoint, Salesforce, ServiceNow, LotusNotes, etc.

SmartRobot+UiPath for RPA in CRM(Salesforce)

  • Understands user conversation requests, looks at previous intents and draws from historical findings
  • Automate internal process for further customer engagement and deeper customer understanding

Microsoft AI + Intumit + UiPath for Intelligent RPA for Digital Transformation

Intumit Intellligent Robotic Process Automation

Building blocks to becoming an Intelligent Enterprise