Best AI Solution SmartRobot

With constantly improving technologies and the ubiquity of the Internet, people nowadays prefer a fast-paced and convenient lifestyle.

Based on a quasi-nervous system and machine learning technologies, Intumit developed SmartRobot to help enterprises establish all kinds of smart service platforms to resolve problems quickly and to achieve the perfect customer experience with 24/7 service.

Omni-Channel Intelligent Customer Services

In the age of big data, all kinds of information can easily be found on the Internet. How should companies provide appropriate services to match customer behavior?

SmartRobot can help enterprises to build a long term benefits with clients for the better user experiences. Our customized service enables taskbot conversations not only on corporate websites, but also in enterprise apps, SNS communication software, physical robots, voice assistants, electronic billboards, and other intelligent devices.

Accessing the full user seamless experience from anywhere, anytime.

SmartRobot AI Platform

SmartRobot build with Microsoft Azure AI platform, and it supports Omni-channel intelligent customer services integration readiness with KM, CTI, IVR, CRM system, and Microsoft Cognitive Service to help enterprises achieving the perfect 24/7 customer experience. With more than 500 customers in Greater China area, Intumit concentrating on the development of AI VAC technology and data analysis especially in the financial services industry.

Rich Data Sources

Professional Consulting –

Answer industry-specific questions.

Open Date Query –

Government Open Data Information, Health Management, SmartCity 24/7.

Social Media Supervision –

SmartKYC and SmartOMS integrate, Customer Big Data Analytics.

Natural Language Conversation Experience –

Manage customer service data in more than 20 languages.

Omni-Channel Service

Application Scenario Introduction

Smart Marketing Module

Successful Cases


▼Smart Customer Service

E.Sun Bank –
Smart e Custommer Service

Bank SinoPac

▼Enterprise Assistant

SmartRobot + Microsoft Teams

SmartRobot + Microsoft Dynamics