Intumit AI Enterprise Assistant “SmartWork” in cooperation with Microsoft Teams


In cooperation with Microsoft, Intumit introduces SmartWork, an intriguing Conversational AI Assistant to support enterprises to cut down labor costs, ease helpdesk support centers, and solve 80% of users questions in an automatic way.



Microsoft Teams has 13 million daily users and Office 365 has 214 million subscriptions worldwide, SmartWork has been developed to enhance the digital transformation by engaging with customers, empower employees, optimize operations, and transform products.


SmartWork integrates and facilitates Teams by guiding employees to arrange meetings through forms, connect to internal knowledge-base systems to gain data, apply and download required forms, find general questions and answers to Office 365 in an automatic way.


Bank Sinopac uses Microsoft Office 365 and is the first of many companies to start integrating SmartWork and is now improving communications in fields such as sales management, marketing, IT HelpDesks, R&D, and other enterprise sectors and continues to aim higher grounds to support more new products and services as it expands its growth.




Microsoft Teams App: SmartWork - Teams successfully launched!


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