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Intumit Drives the Unleashing Power
of AOAI/Copilot/ChatGPT

Utilize the Experience of True Enterprise Level Generative AI Chatbot

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Next Generation Intelligent Reasoning based NLU/NLP AI with AOAI/Copilot/ChatGPT

Integrating with LLMs, Intumit SmartGPT is a cutting-edge NLU/NLP-based AI that utilizes AOAI/Copilot/ChatGPT to allow our customers to leverage the latest NLP technology to automatically generate training data, detect intents, generate initial prompts, and build sample conversations with less efforts, as well as improving accuracy even with less training data.

Intumit SmartGPT supports multiple languages and aims to provide quick and fast chatbot solution at a lower cost.

Intumit SmartGPT is a brilliant tool, more predictive than its predecessors, as Intumit keeps up to the latest technology for greater customer experience and employee experience. 

With improved natural language understanding (NLU), AOAI/Copilot/ChatGPT is not just limited to enhancing Conversational AI capability to resolve issues, but allows users to interact with a robot with human-like behaviors, giving users the sensation to be better connected with their brand.

Intumit SmartGPT with AOAI/Copilot/ChatGPT

Intumit SmartGPT runs on our Conversational AI platform, SmartRobot, and provides a comprehensive solution for creating, training, testing, and deploying human-like digital assistants for customer interactions. These platforms offer chatbot building tools, APIs for integration with communication channels such as websites, messaging apps, and voice interaction, and options for connecting the chatbots to enterprise systems like ERP, CRM, SCM, and HRIS.

  • Use less training data to quickly develop Chatbot
  • Integrate traditional flyers, reports, registrations, and email notification into one channel 
  • Perform wide range and complicated tasks through conversational dialogues
  • Handle multiple languages
  • Learn structures like any others
  • Marketing and Promotional tools
  • Enhance development time, lower cost, and receive accurate answers
Start improving customer service efficiency and receive better customer satisfaction with Intumit SmartGPT for the next level service for your enterprise needs!