Digital Transformation (DX) with AI


Next Generation Intelligent Reasoning based NLU/NLP AI

Intumit SmartGPT is a cutting-edge NLU/NLP-based AI that utilizes the latest GPT technology to generate text and provide the best response according to a conversation flow, making it a brilliant tool and more predictive than its predecessors. Including the ability to continue conversations as if you are talking to a person, face-to-face.

With improved natural language understanding (NLU) and pre-trained models, SmartGPT is not just limited to enhancing Conversational AI capability to resolve issues, its reasoning process also allows various natural human-like interactions, allowing the user to feel better connected with the brand.

Possible SmartGPT Use Cases

  • Create better copies of marketing materials such as flyers, reports, and emails.
  • Performs a wide range of tasks, formulating long sentences and repeating sequences of text,
  • Learn and write articles that are hard to distinguish from those written by humans through natural language processing.
  • Write codes to save developer’s time.

With service capabilities to provide a more accurate answer and improving customer service efficiency for better customer satisfaction, Intumit SmartGPT is here to service your enterprise needs to the next level.

SmartGPT can collect rich information using Intumit technologies to analyze and extract relevant information from multiple sources and increase their knowledge base further.