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Intumit Drives the Unleashing Power
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Intumit AI and DX for Metaverse

In this hybrid world, Intumit SmartVerse paves the way for Metaverse, AI, and DX to service consumers and enterprises to bridge gaps to connect humans closer together in the new normal. The feeling and presence of talking to somebody, making eye contacts and getting communicational response are several features that is introduced in Intumit SmartVerse with NLP based Conversational AI (AI powered Chatbot).

With Intumit SmartVerse, we aim to enhance both the physical and digital world experience for consumers and enterprises with immersive meetings, assistive service robot, manage health and safety, marketing and promotion, smart training, factory floor robot, and much more.

Empower Enterprise Metaverse with Intumit SmartVerse

Intumit SmartVerse can work nearly in any environment by providing further customer experience and employee experience to empower their enterprises Metaverse.

A virtual branch for customer engagement, no need for physical contact, while keeping closer engagement with your employees or customers.

Digital Twin, Collaboration, Connectivity

Intumit SmartVerse is your Digital Twins to enhance collaboration within the Metaverse solutions for Conversational AI.

Some application of use: Creative 3D sales & marketing presentation, explain and educate new customers of policies, Virtual training and investigation features which assist claims processor using different simulated conditions, Faster and accurate claim documentation processing, and more.

Intumit SmartVerse with Microsoft Teams, Facebook (Meta) Horizon Workroom, …

With Microsoft Teams and Intumit SmartVerse, Internal collaborations through mixed reality technologies can be used to enhance employee experience through Conversational AI, taking the experience to the next level for post pandemic era.