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SmartWork Manual

Welcome to SmartWork!

SmartWork is an internal Conversational AI service for enterprise users. If your company has been authorized to use it, you can chat through Microsoft Teams to ask questions such as troubleshooting tips, or as a guide, etc, related to Microsoft 365 after logging in using your corporate account. SmartWork is based on Microsoft Conversational AI Technology and Microsoft Graph API, providing contextual reasoning, automatic learning, relevant recommendation and predictive analysis that can assist internal enterprise users to understand and answer questions more quickly and accurately. SmartWork can also connect with commonly used internal enterprise management systems to provide exclusive dialogue services, so that internal employees can complete daily tasks via SmartWork dialogue. For instance, integrating with HR System to help verify attendance, punch-in and punch-out service, as an assistant for IT department on problems with computers or network, and Knowledge Management System which assists employees while querying internal documents and information.

【How to Start】

Download SmartWork App on Teams App Store to enter the dialogue window with SmartWork. Follow the instructions to select the language you usually chat in. After successfully logging in by authorized corporate account again, you can start chatting with SmartWork.

【Sign up with Authorized Corporate Account】

SmartWork is an internal Conversational AI service for enterprise users; therefore, please click the dialog box before the conversation, or click/type “Sign Up” in the dialog box directly to login to your authorized corporate account. You can start chatting after successfully logging in. If you fail to log in or have other questions, please ask the IT department of your company to check whether the account is correct and active first, or contact us via Email:

【Get Help】

SmartWork is an internal Conversational AI service for enterprise clients. If your company has been authorized to use it, you can chat on Teams to ask questions related to Microsoft Teams, including [Teams FAQ], [Tips of improving efficiency for WFH], [Guide for Beginners].

You can also ask questions about M365 related software such as Outlook, Planner, SharePoint, OneNote and OneDrive.

【User Guide】

Supported platform: Microsoft Teams
Supported device: Web, Mobile, PC
SmartWork App Source Link:

How to download:
Search for “SmartWork” on Teams APP Store, and click to open the detailed description page.

Click “Add” to install to your Teams.

The chat window of SmartWork will open automatically after successfully installed. Follow the instructions to select frequently used language -> sign in with authorized corporate account -> start the chat after signing in successfully.

If you are interested in detailed information regarding SmartWork and its general internal use and internal system integration service for enterprise users, please feel free to contact us via Email.

Inquire about cooperation or price: