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Efficient Workflow with Conversational AI

Denso is a global automotive components manufacturer that has established production companies in many parts of the world including China.

Intumit supported Denso China in maintaining an efficient workflow within the company by implementing Intumit SmartRobot (conversational AI) to assist employees’ inquiries.


The conversational AI has knowledge that are differentiated into two:

Regional general knowledge covers the knowledge that all employees across the region can access to, allowing them to receive answers quickly at any time, anywhere.

Company-specific knowledge are only allowed for employees in a specific branch office, granting them access to a more specifically catered knowledge within the company.

It is accessible on website and WeCom, giving employees the freedom to ask on the platforms that they desire.

Employees can easily open WeCom to engage with SmartRobot to start the conversation, helping them to find the information that they require whenever and wherever they are.

In addition, the more inquiries sent or information requested from the SmartRobot, the more knowledge that the robot will have.

Knowledge is managed by the knowledge managers with the help of NLP, improving the SmartRobot’s ability in supporting employees.