Digital Transformation (DX) with AI | LLM | ChatGPT

Enhancing work efficiency and smooth information exchange with internal conversational AI

As the world’s 4th largest global fabless semiconductor company, MediaTek aims to constantly improve their work efficiency and information exchange between colleagues through AI.

Intumit assisted MediaTek in implementing an internal conversational AI that is built on top of the Microsoft Teams platform and company’s portal as a part of their digital transformation journey.


SmartWork has a cross-language capability for multilingual analysis, providing accurate answers to company-related questions.

Several features that MediaTek’s internal virtual assistant has include:

  • Absence/ leave availability check
  • Overtime hours check
  • Checking the company’s employee insurance premium, and many more

In addition, SmartWork is capable to receive employee leave requests and will immediately notify the manager-in-charge for confirmation.

Moreover, it also helps employees to book meeting rooms when needed and order refreshments such as coffee or tea by chatting with SmartWork.

Allowing employees to focus on preparing the meeting materials with no hassle.