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Enhancing Information Searching Process with Internal Conversational AI

National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) is the most historic and reputable hospital in Taiwan. NTUH is also one of the most influential medical institutions in Asia and plays pivotal role in the international community.

Intumit assisted NTUH by implementing Intumit SmartRobot (enterprise level conversational AI) that is built on top of third-party communication software to assist in answering employee inquiries.


Intumit aims to offer a seamless internal solution for NTUH, addressing the problem of employee attendance tracking resulting from a lack of user-friendly tools for attendance information search. Collaboratively, we devised effective ways to tackle this challenge. To ensure information control, NTUH leveraged a third-party communication software integrated with its own data center keywords.

With the application of SmartRobot – an advanced and versatile NLU platform developed by Intumit – a personalized conversational AI has been created, enabling the answering of company-specific queries from multiple channels.

By implementing conversational AI in team plus, the employee is allowed to access their clock-in and clock-out time records through the app. Improving the accessibility of employees’ time records securely on the messaging app.

It is also possible to check the attendance status for the week (e.g. late attendance, leave record) with the help of Intumit’s SmartRobot.

More information is available by inserting the selected dates and checking the attendance status of a specific period.

Moreover, Intumit’s SmartRobot can also help employees to check their remaining leave and the expiration period of the leaves. Allowing employees to find leave information without hassle as these information can be obtained in the messaging app.