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Fostering a Diverse Workplace with the Digital Assistant on Top of Microsoft Teams

Being the world’s largest dedicated semiconductor foundry, TSMC strives to create an inclusive and diverse workplace for the employees. It has approximately 65,000 employees and plans to hire more in the near future.

Intumit assisted TSMC in implementing an internal conversational AI on the Microsoft Teams, which serves as a digital assistant to help frontline employees access information and resources and resolve HR inquiries.


TSMC’s AI-powered enterprise chatbot on top of Microsoft Teams can provide the automated responses to employees’ inquiries, promptly recommend solutions, and answer complex questions by presenting specific scenarios to guide users towards the most appropriate answer.


The AI-powered HR chatbot can provide accurate responses and assist employees with a range of features:

  • Microsoft Teams user query
  • General inquiry support
  • Epidemic preventions
  • Company regulations and general affairs
  • Employee Compensations and benefits
  • Learning and development tools
  • Employee care survey

The system can also ask clarifying questions to better understand the users’ inquiries and will recommend relevant training, articles, audio, and video content to individual employees.

Teams-centered Digital Transformation

Intumit’s AI-powered chatbot is seamlessly connected to TSMC’s company internal system, which smoothly converts employees’ HRIS application requests into conversation on Teams. This transition towards a Teams-centered digital transformation has led to enhanced employee satisfaction and improved daily performance.


Intumit’s digital assistant integrated with Microsoft Teams platform has transformed the HR department’s operations, providing an innovative solution that efficiently handles numerous inquiries with ease. This advanced technology has improved daily performance in the HR department, while also enhancing employee satisfaction.

10,200 new hires

accelerate their understanding of culture and core value

2.11 million

participants in blended learning activities (both fact-to-face training and virtual classroom)