SmartKYC + Dynamics CRM

- How We Smartly Recommend the Highly Similar Audience.
- A deep learning based recognition solution that extract customer insights from conversational contents.




Combining Intumit A.I. SmartRobot and user engagement Omni-channel, SmartKYC + Dynamics CRM has been built as to improve customer satisfaction ratings, and by deploying an enterprise Chatbot, companies can effortlessly generate a huge amount of customers’ data through the conversations.

Solution Practice

Using Microsoft Cloud A.I. + Intumit A.I. + Dynamics 365 as the Brain
→ Data Memorized and Personalized

1. To Build a Target Audience List for a Campaign


2. Import the TA List into Dynamics 365(I)


3. Import the TA List into Dynamics 365(II)


4. Attributes of Target Audience


5. Select the TA and Push the Campaign


6. Campaign Performance Analysis


7. DNN-based Targeting