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Salesforce + Intumit SmartForce

Intumit Drives the Unleashing Power
of Copilot/AOAI/ChatGPT

Utilize the Experience of True Enterprise Level Generative AI Chatbot

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Save time, reduce expense, automate, and increase customer interaction

Intumit Conversational AI for Salesforce

Are you experiencing heavy loads, or repetitive time taking tasks?
Is targeting a specific market difficult?
Are contents aggregated everywhere and not organized?
Then let SmartForce assist and support your needs!

SmartRobot + Salesforce System Architecture

Users messages are retrieved and answered by AI chatbot, which can also support chatting with a live customer service representative as it calls it through the API, allowing SmartRobot to use the knowledge within Salesforce to reply to the user.

SmartRobot leverages the information available within Salesforce to provide responses to users.

After interacting with the robot, should the customer require human assistance, they may be transferred to human service.

Customer service personnel can access customer interactions in the Salesforce backend.

The customer service personnel engage in text-based interactions with customers in the Salesforce backend.

Deliver Excellent Customer Service with Intumit SmartForce and Salesforce LiveAgent

Maintaining excellent and fast customer service can be quite tricky sometimes, especially for a brand that has a growing or large customer base.

Intumit SmartForce allows quick access to Salesforce LiveAgent, bringing best customer service by making the overall customer experience enjoyable, seamless, and with little to no friction at all as SmartForce transfers to LiveAgent when necessary.

Customers can now enjoy the comfort to directly chat with Salesforce LiveAgent.


Contact us to learn more about how SmartRobot goes hand in hand with Salesforce LiveAgent in solving customers’ problems together.