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Enhance CX with Conversational AI

Based on a quasi-nervous system and NLP technologies, SmartRobot is here for enterprise support, resolve problems efficiently, provide 100% customer satisfaction, 24/7 support, enhance customer experience, and more. 

Intumit developed SmartRobot based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies to help enterprises establish automate smart service platforms across Websites, FB Messenger, LINE, WeChat, WhatsApp, Microsoft Services, APPs, and many other popular channels, can integrate with other different service platforms such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, Amazon Connect, Box, AEC, and many other CRM/ERP/VCI/etc systems.

Omni-Channel Automate Conversational AI Integrate

From Anywhere, Anytime.

SmartRobot AI Platform

SmartRobot build with Microsoft Azure AI platform, and it supports Omni-channel intelligent customer services integration readiness with KM, CTI, IVR, CRM system, and Microsoft Cognitive Service to help enterprises achieving the perfect 24/7 customer experience. With more than 550 customers in Greater China area, Intumit concentrating on the development of AI VAC technology and data analysis especially in the financial services industry.

Solution (I) 24/7 Smart Marketing Module

Professional Consultant for answering industry-specific questions.
Government Open Data Information for 24/7 Smart City approach.

Solution (II) Rich Data Sources for Multi-Channel Services

Integrate SmartKYC and SmartOMS for Customer Big Data Analytics.
Natural Language Conversation to manage more than 20 languages.

Solution (III) Virtual Customer Assistant

Superb E-Customer Service for all industry.
Integrated with voice recognition. (TTS/STT)
Get information without direct typing.

Solution (IV) Robo Advisor

Your Personal Finance Assistant,
Always on access from any device.
Smart dynamic and profile driven.
24hr Instant answer.

Solution (V) Chatbot HelpDesk for Office 365

Streamline Office 365 for user.
Q/A task and problem-solving for Office 365 (Microsoft 365) products.

Solution (VI) Azure AI OCR for SmartRobot

Built with Microsoft Computer Vision API.
SmartRobot + AI OCR + SmartKMS.

Solution (VII) Health Management

Personal assistant for drug safety and notification.
Medication reminder, schedule reminder, appointment reminders, etc.
Connect with mobile map location to lead user to the nearest hospital. (LBS)

Solution (VIII) Smart Devices

Personalized Smart Speaker Integration (Ex. Echo Show, Google Home, Apple HomePod, Google Nest, and more.)

Solution (IX) Public Service Chatbot

For Governmental Q&A services.
OpenData integration.

Solution (X) Smart Transportation

Smart Ticket System.
Smart Booking System.

SmartRobot + NVIDIA ACE

Unlock the full potential of AI chatbots with the extraordinary combination of SmartRobot and NVIDIA ACE (Avatar Cloud Engine). NVIDIA ACE empowers SmartRobot with advanced AI capabilities and control mechanisms, delivering unparalleled performance and efficiency. Analyzing vast amounts of data, making complex decisions, and learning from experiences, this dynamic duo revolutionizes the way chatbots interact.

With SmartRobot and NVIDIA ACE working seamlessly together, users will enjoy an unparalleled experience with intelligent, contextually relevant answers by understanding user intent, providing accurate and personalized responses that elevate user satisfaction to new heights.

Virtual assistants, AI agents, and customer interactions will never be the same. Harnessing the power of NVIDIA ACE’s interactive decision-making process, SmartRobot willeffortlessly analyze user inputs, ensuring responses are always intelligent and on-point. And with the addition of generative AI (GAI), the possibilities expand further.

Not just limited to virtual assistants, SmartRobot + NVIDIA ACE make an exceptional choice for Copilot applications by effortlessly generating appropriate responses. Imagine your chatbot as a sales support, a teaching aid, or even for marketing purposes. From customer support to virtual assistants and information retrieval, the domains where chatbots excel are expanded with this dynamic combination.

Empower Digital Transformation with Conversational AI

Versatile Q&A Management

Friendly User Interface

Powerful Machine Learning

Visual Data Analytics

Flexible Deployment Model

Intelligent Omni-Channel Customer Service

Automated Recommend

Labor Cost Reduction

Microsoft Collaboration

SmartRobot + Microsoft Dynamics