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Your personal Internal Copilot Assistant for Information Technology (IT), Human Resource (HR), Call Centers (CTI, VCI, etc), and more.

Available in multi-language.

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Your personal virtual customer assistant using Intumit’s Smart365!

// CASE 1

Labor Management

Select Labor Management System function.
Select punch card to take Leave of Absence.
Input the reason for leave, amount of days, etc, and submit.
Automatically informs HR and/or Supervisors as reminders.

// CASE 2

Booking Meeting Rooms

Select option to Book a Meeting.
Input meeting purpose, date, room, attendees, etc.
Can also order snacks and beverages.
Confirm booking from one spot with ease.

// CASE 3

Microsoft 365 Copilot

Choose or type Office 365 related question. (Ex: Selects, "How to edit files on Teams")
Robot automatically displays answer.
Type a question. (Ex: "How to join a meeting in Teams")
Displays an answer and similarly related questions to its KPI.