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Intumit SmartRobot + STT Service

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Intumit SmartRobot + STT Service

SmartRobot + STT Service to Solve the Current Speech Recognition Engine Problems​

Intumit SmartRobot + STT Service advanced fuzzy engine, SmartRobot + STT Service, situated between your application and input source (whether it be speech recognition or input support), you can enjoy a wealth of features that optimize your workflow and output quality. Our GPT-3.x engine boasts unparalleled efficiency in learning new data, continually improving its accuracy throughout the learning process. SmartRobot + STT Service accurately interprets word meanings through context and suggests correct candidate words, and with seamless input operations that mirror previous usage patterns, users can now obtain superior outputs with minimal learning curve.

Solve these problems with the state-of-the-art conversational AI chatbot, Intumit SmartRobot!

  • Inefficiency in learning new data, resulting in a decrease in accuracy due to insufficient learning.

  • Unable to accurately understand the meaning of words from the surrounding context.
  • Unable to support multiple languages and lacking cross-language support, making it difficult for people who speak different languages to use.
  • If the proposed word is not related at all, there is a possibility that the user may become frustrated.

Here Comes SmartRobot + STT Service

Intumit is thrilled to introduce the “STT Service” (Speech to Text API) of the powerful “OpenAI API” platform with SmartRobot! Our advanced technology is built on the revolutionary “Microsoft Azure Cognitive Service / whisper-large-v2” open-source framework and offers two powerful endpoints for transcription and translation. With lightning-fast processing and unparalleled accuracy, the “STT Service” is the ultimate tool for any business or organization looking to take their speech recognition capabilities to the next level, featuring flexible “fuzzy engine” placed between your application and input source (speech recognition or input support system), providing a range of impressive capabilities.

Powered by the state-of-the-art “GPT-3.x” technology, our engine efficiently learns new data and improves accuracy through training. It accurately understands the meaning of words from the surrounding context and proposes the right candidates. Plus, it supports multiple languages, making it accessible to people who speak different languages. With our engine, users can maintain their familiar input operations while enjoying superior output. By adding Prompts, recognition accuracy can be improved, allowing for a better understanding of word meanings based on the surrounding context.

Prompt just like AOAI/Copilot/ChatGPT!

The accuracy is further improved!

Experience the power of SmartRobot’s fuzzy engine with STT Service and take your application to the next level!

Practical Use Case Scenarios​

Accessibility: STT Service aids people with disabilities by providing real-time captions or transcribing speech into text for reading.

Voice Assistants: STT Service enhances the accuracy and responsiveness of voice assistants in recognizing and processing voice commands.

Global Communication: STT Service fosters better communication between people from different linguistic backgrounds by providing accurate speech recognition in multiple languages.

Telemedicine: STT Service facilitates remote medical consultations by transcribing patient descriptions of symptoms and relevant information for healthcare professionals.

Meeting and Conference Solutions: STT Service provides live transcriptions for attendees who have difficulty understanding spoken language, are in noisy environments, or want to review content later.

Call Center Automation: STT Service automates call center tasks like transcribing customer interactions, providing real-time support for agents, or analyzing customer sentiment and feedback.

LINE Call + STT Service + Cloud Call Center System

Extensive experience in integration with various call center systems like Amazon Connect, Avaya, Genesys, and more.. Intumit also have experience in integrating voice recognition technologies like STT Service, Microsoft, Google, etc.

Podcast and Radio Analysis: STT Service analyzes spoken content from podcasts or radio shows for data mining or trend analysis purposes.

VR and AR Applications: STT Service enables users to interact with virtual environments using voice commands.

Language Learning: STT Service helps language learners practice speaking and listening skills with real-time feedback.

Podcast and Audio Content Indexing: STT Service transcribes and generates text-based versions of audio content for accessibility and searchability.

Customer Service: STT Service transcribes and analyzes customer calls in real-time for more personalized and efficient customer service.

Market Research: STT Service transcribes and analyzes customer feedback in real-time for valuable insights to improve products and services.