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Intumit + Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability (MCfS)

In a rapidly changing world, sustainability has become an increasingly essential focus of business models built on both profitability and resilience. Carbon footprint reduction, increased energy efficiency, and meticulous tracking of progress aligned with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategies are becoming core priorities for global businesses focused on controlling costs and reducing waste.


To meet this need, Intumit and Microsoft present a vision for sustainability as a key feature of business growth.

By leveraging Cloud and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to provide cutting-edge insights, we are opening doors for customers to embark on a journey of digital transformation toward sustainability.

Azure Digital Twins, featuring automated actions, real-time simulations, and prediction abilities, provide powerful tools that empowers organizations to reimagine how they collect and analyze data throughout their operations and value chains. Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability (a Microsoft Sustainability Manager) empowers organizations to accelerate progress towards sustainability goals and business growth by monitoring their carbon footprint, analyzing ESG performance against target goals, providing responsible data governance, and delivering reliable reporting on overall impact and progress to strengthen data-driven decision making.

Intumit’s SmartRobot and SmartKMS are powered by Generative AI (GAI) and Azure OpenAI (AOAI). Now harnessing the power of Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, we bring organizational operations closer to optimal attainment of sustainable goals. 

Intumit’s technologies rest atop a suite of proven Microsoft products: Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Azure, and Power Platforms such as Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI. Together, Intumit and Microsoft can compile data solutions to help resolve customers’ and organizations’ core data estate challenges.


Intumit and Microsoft continue to use digital technology to drive sustainability transformation. With each cycle, we continue to build IT infrastructure that is increasingly optimized to meet sustainability needs.