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Intumit SmartZero with Cutting-Edge AI Technologies

Intumit SmartZero is our conversational AI platform integrated with Bard, QnA Maker, and AOAI/Copilot/ChatGPT, you will be able to experience the full power of our conversational AI platform! In the blink of an eye, you can create an example question, and our platform will rewrite the answer into a more natural, lively language using a number of buttons.


Microsoft QnA Maker

Google Bard

SmartZero with AOAI/Copilot/ChatGPT is your one-stop solution to all your AI-powered support needs!  Whether you have difficulty writing or aren’t good at it, our platform makes Q&A writing simple. Additionally, we ensure maximum accuracy of answers with our advanced AI algorithms. Do you find it difficult to manage and update Q&As with limited resources? Our SmartZero with AOAI/Copilot/ChatGPT has you covered there too, with user-friendly tools and interfaces that streamline the process.

We also provide recommendations for potential answers via QA Trainer and generate comprehensive reports.
Powered with Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, Intumit is here to innovate your data analysis and business processes with our game-changing platform that will take your operations to the next level!

microsoft azure cognitive service with intumit

Intumit SmartZero is not just any ordinary chatbot – it’s powered with Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, making it the ultimate conversational AI experience! With its advanced technology, SmartZero is the best chatbot out there, providing unparalleled performance and unmatched efficiency. Whether you’re looking to streamline your business operations or enhance your customer experience, SmartZero has got you covered! Say goodbye to the hassle of repetitive tasks and welcome a world of possibilities with Intumit SmartZero!

Convenient and Scale Quickly!

Intumit SmartZero with Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services provides an easy-to-use platform for a Conversational AI chatbot! We understand how difficult it can be to manage Q&A content, so we designed an easy solution. You can seamlessly import your QA content from various sources such as FAQs and manuals into our platform. It’s time to put an end to manual editing. Use Excel to import the “ID number,” “question,” and “answer,” and you’re done! Your content is ready to go. 

With our innovative solution, creating an AI chatbot has never been easier! Once you’ve imported your Q&A content, sit back and relax as our platform takes care of managing and maintaining it for you. You’ll save precious time and effort, giving you more freedom to focus on what really matters – growing your business!

Enhance your customer service by SmartZero with AOAI/Copilot/ChatGPT’s AI chatbot! Our cutting-edge technology allows you to unleash the full potential of AI by customizing responses based on your company’s training data. With this unbeatable combination using SmartZero, Intumit’s AI chatbot will reach new heights while providing powerful results! Say goodbye to generic responses and hello to personalized, energetic conversations that will keep your customers coming back for more!

Efficient Q&A Maker with SmartZero and AOAI/Copilot/ChatGPT’s Integration

With SmartZero and AOAI/Copilot/ChatGPT, it’s with our great joy that we announce the successful integration of Q&A Maker too! As a result, our platform’s machine learning capabilities are enhanced to meet your needs as it now allows customers to enjoy a seamless and effortless chatbot experience by reducing labor and time to create huge amounts of training data. 

It is an exciting time for us to be able to offer our clients this enhanced solution, and we are looking forward to seeing how it might benefit our clients.

So what are you waiting for? Let us help you find out what our platform can do for you by giving us a try!