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Leveraging AI in E-Commerce

Explore powerful opportunities by utilizing advanced AI technology, such as Azure OpenAI/ChatGPT, to empower your e-commerce shops by personalizing customers’ shopping experiences to increase customer retention by leveraging Intumit AI for your business.

If you are currently using Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Shopify, Oracle Commerce Cloud, SAP Commerce Cloud, Magento, and other e-commerce platforms, SmartCommerec is for you! Compatible with various channels, Intumit SmartCommerce is here to improve customer service for better customer satisfaction to put your enterprise to the next level by enabling sales promotion by addressing the following concerns:

Intumit SmartCommerce enables sales promotion by addressing the following concerns:

  • High costs associated with maintaining various channels
  • Insufficient customer data resulting in missed sales opportunities
  • Difficulty acquiring customers/fans due to low availability and satisfaction
  • Insufficient order tracking and delivery updates
  • High costs associated with providing 24/7 customer service

Top-notch Solutions for E-Commerce Customers

Through the power of Conversational AI, Intumit SmartCommerce provides e-commerce brands a realistic, problem solving solution for their customers. Now. You can reduce the time and expense needed to take care of each individual customer while maintaining a close relationship with them at the same time.

Lead the E-Commerce Competition

Intumit SmartCommerce has functional features you need in order to gain ahead of other competitors by using them as a tool for marketing and promotional activities. Intumit SmartCommerce allows you to analyze users behavior through questions, which enables you to discover trends and patterns that occur continuously throughout their shopping journey, ultimately creating best experience for users within your e-commerce platform.

Making Smart Decisions with Precise Marketing

Analyzing accurate customer behavior from big data is not as impossible as before anymore with Intumit SmartCommerce. Letting you determine the best strategies to engage with customers or plan the right marketing campaign with a series of continuous intelligent decision-making.

SmartCommerce for Sales Promotion

SmartCommerce, which supports a wide range of brands and shops engaged in e-commerce, can respond to inquiries about the entire process from ordering to delivery, returns, and delivery status by utilizing the dialogue-based AI built on SmartZERO and connecting it to global commerce clouds (e-commerce platforms).

In addition, by proactively collecting and disseminating information on SNS such as Facebook Messenger and LINE, conducting events and campaigns, and integrating online and offline data with CRM and other data utilization platforms, personalized messages can be sent to customers at the most appropriate time and with the most appropriate content by supporting customer analysis.

By utilizing SmartCommerce, it is possible to increase customers’ willingness to purchase, leading to an increase in conversion rates.

Benefits of Implementing SmartCommerce

  • Efficiently reduce costs by lightening the burden and optimizing customer service
  • Utilize valuable customer data to acquire smarter e-commerce decision-making
  • Achieve a better user experience by utilizing dialogue-based AI
  • Provide 24/7 support non-stop
  • Significantly improve customer loyalty by providing personalized services
  • Increase sales by recommending products that match customers’ preferences and increase conversion rates.