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Intumit + Vertex AI

Intumit is thrilled to be recognized as a Google Cloud Partner. With Google’s high-performance infrastructure, we are dedicated to delivering groundbreaking cloud solutions to our valued customers by helping customers enhance their business operations by empowering our clients to fully leverage the benefits of cloud technology, driving their digital transformation success, especially with Google’s Vertex AI.

Vertex AI is Google Cloud’s powerful machine learning platform, and Intumit’s SmartRobot and SmartKMS enables customers to search and converse seamlessly within our platforms. 

Intumit and Vertex AI bring you the cutting-edge Generative AI (GAI) for the ultimate solution tailored just for you!

When a user asks a question, Intumit AI Copilot solution will generate answers after analyzing documents that stored in a database. Once found, it creates contents that best suites the users question within SmartRobot and SmartKMS.

Machine Learning Workflow with Vertex AI

Vertex AI machine learning workflow is as follows:

Data Preparation: Clean, analyze, and split data into training, validation, and test sets. 

Model Training: Code-free training or custom training with hyperparameter tuning with Vertex AI Vizier and Vertex AI Experiments.

Model Evaluation and Iteration: Assess your model’s performance using metrics like precision and recall. 

Model Serving: Deploy models for real-time or batch predictions using custom containers. 

Model Monitoring: Continuously monitor model performance with Vertex AI Model Monitoring, detecting, predicting, and triggering alerts for improvements.

Intumit SmartRobot can leverage Vertex AI for multilingual aspects in our AI Chatbot. 

As in the sample picture, a user may ask a question in Japanese and receive a Thai language reply using Semantic AI and Vertex AI. After analyzing, the best answer for the user is generated using Generative AI.