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Privacy Policy

Intumit (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) attaches great importance to the privacy of users when using the SmartRobot and SmartWork services provided by the Intumit platform (hereinafter referred to as the “Platform”) operated by the company. The following is our detailed privacy Right policy (hereinafter referred to as “this policy”), when a user chooses to register and log in to use this platform, it means that the user agrees to our collection, processing and use of the user’s personal data in accordance with this privacy policy.

1. General

  1. All services and content provided by the company are governed by this policy.
  2. This policy will be revised at any time in response to needs or changes in laws and regulations. The revised version will be announced and published on the website. In order to ensure the rights of users, it is recommended that users regularly pay attention to the latest announcements on the website and changes to this policy.

2. Categories of Personal Data Collected

We collect information in order to provide better services to all users who use this platform. This information can help us protect user data (for example: login account) and provide user data analysis services (for example: conversation message volume, Customer interaction data, etc.). We will use the information collected from this platform to provide, maintain, protect and improve this service and develop new services. We will also use these data to provide data reports and performance analysis to help all users optimize the performance.

  1. C001 Personal identification (for example: user’s name, account number, work address, telephone number, etc.)
  2. C003 Identification in government information, (for example: unified ID card number, license number, passport number, etc.)
  3. C011 Personal description, (for example: age, gender, date of birth, nationality, etc.)
  4. C035 Leisure activities and interests, (for example, hobbies, sports and other interests, etc.)
  5. C038 Occupation: various occupations
  6. C073 Security details (for example: password)
  7. C092 Goods or services provided by the data subject (for example: relevant details of the goods or services)
  8. C101 Business activities of the data subject (for example: types of business, goods or services provided or used, business contracts)
  9. C102 Agreement or contract (for example: on transaction, business, legal or other contract, agency)
  10. C132 Unclassified data (for example: remarks, files that cannot be classified, reports, messages, comments)
  11. Computer and mobile application device data, including hardware and software specifications, device identification data, IP address, cookies, and device geographic location.

3. The purpose and method of data use

The personal data collected by this platform and this service will be used for the following purposes:

  1. 040 Marketing (including financial holding joint marketing business)
  2. 069 Contracts, similar contracts or other legal relationship matters
  3. 090 Consumers, customer management and services
  4. 091 Consumer Protection
  5. 098 Business and Technology Information
  6. 135 capital (communication) services
  7. 136 information (communication) and database management
  8. 148 online shopping and other e-commerce services
  9. 152 Advertising or business behavior management
  10. 157 survey, statistics and research analysis
  11. 181 Other operations are in line with business registration items or businesses specified in the articles of association

This platform will process the user’s data automatically, manually or by entrusting a third-party data analysis company, and properly protect the anonymity and security of the data.

4. Channels for data collection

The channels for collecting information on this platform and this service are as follows:

  1. Information provided by users: text, pictures and other information uploaded by users on this platform
  2. Information we obtain through users’ use of this platform and this service: collect relevant information for users’ services and usage methods, including:
    • Device information:
      We will collect device-specific information (e.g. user’s hardware model, operating system version, unique identifier of the device).
    • Log information:
      When users use this platform, we will automatically collect specific information and store it in server records. Such information includes:
      • Operation history, including but not limited to: operation behavior, editing content, release time, etc.
      • Internet Protocol Address
      • Device activity information, such as: crash data, system activity, hardware settings, browser type, browser language, date and time when the user made the request, and refer to the URL, etc.
    •  Local storage:
      We will use browser network storage (including HTML5) and application data caching mechanisms to collect information (including personal information) and store it locally on the user’s device.
    • Cookie:
      cookie is a small file containing a string of characters, which is sent by a website to the user’s computer when the user visits. When the user browses the same website again, the website can recognize the user’s browser through cookies.
    • Robot interaction information:
      When users use this service to interact with users’ customers, this platform and its partners (including but not limited to Facebook, LINE) will use various technologies (including but not limited to Cookies) to collect and store information (For example: IP address, GPS, etc.).

5. Data protection

Only in the following circumstances, the company will share user data with third-party companies, institutions or individuals:

  1. The user takes the initiative to use the robot management function to set the sharing permissions
  2. With the user’s consent
  3. For legal reasons
  4. When government agencies and judicial agencies require the company to disclose specific personal information through legal and formal procedures, and in consideration of the security of all users of this platform and this service, do necessary cooperation
  5. The company defends against legal rights or litigation claims
  6. The response measures taken by the company in order to investigate or prevent illegal activities, frauds, potential threats to the personal safety of users or third parties, or violations of the company’s website user terms of service
  7. If all or part of the company’s business is acquired or merged by another company, the company will transfer the user’s personal data to that company, and the company will try its best to transfer the user’s personal data and apply it to that company. Notify users before the company’s different privacy policies.

6. data security

The company attaches great importance to user data security, and we have taken many measures to protect user data.

  1. This platform uses SSL encryption to provide data transmission security and data integrity protection.
  2. All relevant personnel who can access user information due to business needs, including but not limited to employees, partners, contractors, etc., must sign confidentiality clauses and abide by the regulations. Once any non-compliant behavior is found, the company will take punishment or terminate the contract.

7. Data autonomy

  1. The user himself can inquire, copy, request to view or apply to change the account information belonging to the user. The foregoing rights are only exercised by the user or a person authorized by the user. In order to do its best to protect the user’s account information, the company will require the applicant to provide relevant information when necessary so that the company can verify the user’s identity.
  2. During the user’s use of this platform, the company will save the user’s account information. The user himself can request to stop using or delete his account data; but once stopped or deleted, the user will no longer be able to use the platform.
  3. The company has the right to refuse the user’s initiative to change, delete or change personal information when it interferes with the major interests of the country, hinders the performance of statutory duties by public agencies, or hinders the major interests of collection agencies or third parties.

8. Disclaimer

  1. This platform provides a full range of AI chatbot construction and management services and AI customer analysis services, which is convenient for users to carry out customer service, marketing promotion, policy promotion and demand collection activities. Users understand that there is a need in the process of using this service To collect and use the personal information of customers who interact with this service robot, users are obliged to inform customers that once they interact with the AI chat robot, their personal information (including but not limited to: like, leave a message, share with the fan page), Dialogue, link clicks, etc.) will be collected, used and processed, and the user shall obtain his consent. The user shall bear full responsibility and has nothing to do with the company.
  2. If a user’s customer or potential customer requests compensation from the company due to a personal data dispute or the company is punished by the competent authority, the user agrees to compensate the company for all losses suffered by it in accordance with the law.

9. privacy policy revision and effectiveness

The company reserves the right to publish this policy in an appropriate place on this platform without notifying users without prior notice. We recommend that users can click the “Privacy Policy” link on the Intumit Inc website page at any time to view the latest version to confirm whether this policy has been modified.

This policy forms part of the terms of service of this platform. If the user does not agree to any terms of this policy or the content after modification, please stop using the services of this platform immediately.

If you have any questions about the privacy or personal data protection policy of this platform, please contact:

This article was last updated: 2019.12.19

SmartRobot+(以下簡稱「本公司」)非常重視使用者在使用本公司所營運之 SmartRobot+ 平台(以下簡稱為「本平台」)提供的SmartRobot 及 SmartWork 兩種服務時的隱私權,以下是我們詳細的隱私權政策(以下簡稱「本政策」),當使用者選擇註冊登入使用本平台時,即表示使用者同意我們依照本隱私權政策蒐集、處理及利用使用者的個人資料。


  1. 所有本公司提供之服務及內容均受本政策規範。
  2. 本政策將因應需求或法令變更而隨時進行修正,修正版本將公告並刊登於網站上,為確保使用者的權益,建議使用者定期關心網站最新公告與本政策之變動。



  1. C001 個人辨識(例如:使用者之姓名、帳號、工作地址、電話號碼等)
  2. C003 政府資料中之辨識,(例如:身分證統一編號、證照號碼、護照號碼等)
  3. C011 個人描述,(例如:年齡、性別、出生年月日、國籍等)
  4. C035 休閒活動及興趣,(例如:嗜好、運動及其他興趣等)
  5. C038 職業:各種職業
  6. C073 安全細節(例如:密碼)
  7. C092 資料主體提供之財貨或服務(例如:貨物或服務之有關細節)
  8. C101 資料主體之商業活動(例如:商業種類、提供或使用之財貨或服務、商業契約)
  9. C102 約定或契約(例如:關於交易、商業、法律或其他契約、代理)
  10. C132 未分類之資料(例如:備註、無法歸類之檔案、報告、留言、評論)
  11. 電腦與行動應用裝置之資料,含軟硬體規格、裝置辨識資料、IP 位址、COOKIE 與裝置地理位置。



  1. 〇四〇 行銷(包含金控共同行銷業務)
  2. 〇六九 契約、類似契約或其他法律關係事務
  3. 〇九〇 消費者、客戶管理與服務
  4. 〇九一 消費者保護
  5. 〇九八 商業與技術資訊
  6. 一三五 資(通)訊服務
  7. 一三六 資(通)訊與資料庫管理
  8. 一四八 網路購物及其他電子商務服務
  9. 一五二 廣告或商業行為管理
  10. 一五七 調查、統計與研究分析
  11. 一八一 其他經營合於營業登記項目或組織章程所定之業務




  1. 使用者主動提供的資訊:使用者運用本平台所上傳的文字、圖片等資訊
  2. 我們經由使用者使用本平台及本服務而取得的資訊:針對使用者使用的服務和使用方式蒐集相關資訊,包括:
    • 裝置資訊:
      我們會蒐集裝置專屬資訊 (例如:使用者的硬體型號、作業系統版本、裝置的唯一識別碼)。
    • 記錄資訊:
    • 本機存放區:
      我們會運用瀏覽器網路存放區(包括 HTML5)和應用程式資料快取等機制,蒐集資訊(包括個人資訊)並將其儲存在使用者的裝置本機中。
    • Cookie:
      Cookie 是內含一串字元的小檔案,由網站在使用者造訪時傳送到使用者的電腦。當使用者再次瀏覽同一個網站時,該網站就能透過 Cookie 辨識使用者的瀏覽器。
    • 機器人互動資訊:
      當使用者使用本服務與使用者的客戶產生互動,本平台及本平台之合作夥伴(包括但不限於 Facebook、LINE)會使用各種技術(包括但不限於 Cookie)蒐集並儲存資訊(例如:IP 地址、GPS 等)。



  1. 使用者主動透過機器人管理功能,設定分享權限的對象
  2. 徵得使用者的同意
  3. 基於法律原因
  4. 應政府機關、司法機關經合法正式的程序要求本公司公開特定個人資料時,以及對本平台及本服務所有使用者安全考量下做必要的配合
  5. 本公司為行使法律上的權利或對訴訟上之請求提出防禦
  6. 本公司為了調查或防止非法活動、詐欺行為、對使用者或第三人人身安全有潛在威脅之情況或違反本公司網站使用者服務條款採取之應對措施
  7. 如果本公司全部或部份業務被其他公司收購或合併,本公司會將使用者的個人資料移轉給該公司,而本公司將儘可能在使用者的個人資料被移轉且將適用於該公司不同的隱私權政策前通知使用者。



  1. 本平台使用 SSL 加密,提供資料傳輸安全及資料完整性保障。
  2. 所有因業務需求能接觸到使用者資訊的相關人員,包含但不限於員工、合作廠商、承包商等,皆須簽訂保密條款,並遵守規範,一旦發現有不符規定的行為,本公司將採取懲罰或解約等處分。


  1. 使用者本人可查詢、複製、請求閱覽或申請變動屬於使用者的帳戶資料,前述權利僅限使用者本人或得使用者授權之人行使。為善盡保護使用者的帳戶資料之責,必要時本公司將會要求申請人提供相關資料,使本公司可驗證使用者身份。
  2. 於使用者使用本平台期間,本公司將保存使用者的帳戶資料。使用者本人可要求停止利用或刪除其帳戶資料;但一經停止或刪除,使用者將無法繼續使用本平台。
  3. 於妨害國家重大利益、妨害公務機關執行法定職務、妨害蒐集機關或第三人重大利益時,本公司有權拒絕使用者主動提出變更、刪除或異動個人資料之請求。


  1. 本平台是提供全方位 AI 聊天機器人建置及管理服務及 AI 顧客分析服務,方便使用者進行客服服務、行銷推廣、政策推廣及需求收集等活動,使用者明白於使用本服務過程中,有需要蒐集、使用與本服務機器人互動之顧客的個人資料,使用者有義務使顧客知悉一旦與 AI 聊天機器人進行互動,其個人資料(包括但不限於:與該粉絲專頁之按讚、留言、分享、對話、連結點擊等)將被蒐集、利用及處理,使用者並應取得其同意,由使用者負擔完全責任,與本公司無關。
  2. 如使用者之顧客或潛在顧客因個人資料爭議向本公司請求賠償或本公司因此遭主管機關裁罰,使用者同意依法賠償本公司因此所受一切損失。


本公司保留在不通知使用者的情況下,得於修訂本政策後公布於本平台的適當位置,不另行個別通知。我們建議使用者可以隨時點擊 Intumit.Inc 網站頁面上「隱私權政策」連結,檢視最新版本,以確認本政策是否有修改。