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Create a complete customer service process in text and voice through LINE.

Let your customers communicate through speech recognition and reply with a text based output with SmartRobot NLU technology.

Providing a hands-free voice control for customers.

Let’s build a full experience journey for your customers together.

Comprehensive Use of Multiple Module Services

Unified Customer Journey with AI

User Management Module

Personalized Business: User Journey Tracking

Provides a wide variety of features to capture user’s intentions, increase brand loyalty, and assist customer throughout their journey with personalized experience!

Exclusive Customized Service

Exclusive Message : Marketing Automation

Provides interactive marketing activities and marketing automation. Improve your service with engaging activities and increase customer retention!

Event Marketing Module

Gamification : Deep Online and Offline Interaction

Gamify customer experience with activities that are catered specifically to the desired customer segment for deeper interaction with the customer!

SmartBC is a comprehensive solutions to enhance customer experience through RPA, especially in marketing campaigns to amplify Conversational AI. 

Privacy is protected and is secured for both the End User.

Available for various Channels, App’s, and platforms.

Subscribe to exclusive services, provide exclusive subscription information in the official account, such as: account opening notice, policy review progress notice, application progress notice, etc.

Exclusive notification – Instantly updates to increase user retention.

Provide users with personal service information in the LINE official account, including: inquiries about insured policies, monthly premium payment status, policy loan information, etc.

Lottery Activity – roulette, scratches, slots, etc, with visuals.

Questionnaire Activity – answer surveys and share to LINE friends and FB.

Point Card Activity – support camera to scan QR Codes, or set additional rewards.

Ticket management can be set for: electronic serial number, coupon, etc.

LINE POINT Management – can be used with various other features.

LINE + Microsoft Teams

LINE and Microsoft Teams can collaborate to provide maximum support for customers! Users can leave messages or contact someone using voice and receive quick responses from LINE! This is available for both internal and external use.

With LINE + Teams together, internal communication can become more seamless, and customers can receive enhanced overall customer service.

Success Cases