Digital Transformation (DX) with AI

Intumit SmartESG

SmartESG - Empower the Intelligent Engagement with Stakeholders

With Conversational AI, brands and stakeholders can get better engaged to push forward on initiatives to enhance ESG transparency and grow Corporate Value by overseeing sustainable goals as corporations monitors annual ESG objectives.

AI Chatbots are becoming popularly used, such for MediaTek taking actions in HR AI Chatbot for employees communication and engagement as part of their corporate social responsibility strategies, and ESun Bank using our AI Chatbot for customer engagement. 

Intumit SmartRobot +SmartESG

Intumit AI Chatbot is omni-channel, interactive, and contains diverse and smart dialogue design to enhance users needs.

With Intumit SmartESG, stakeholders can increase communication frequency by utilizing conversational bots on a daily basis in checks for annual CSR reports, transform an one-hundred-page CSR report into an engageable chatbot, and continue to educate stakeholders through surveys and exam feature to further enhance corporate’s ESG development.

Intumit AI Chatbot is made fit for your brand to create interactive conversational solution for your business needs. SmartESG can integrate with CRM systems to create knowledge base specific for your enterprise needs as it analyzes data for your brand.

Intumit SmartESG is great for industries such as for Service, IT, Precision and Medical Equipment fields, Semiconductor, and more.