The most powerful enterprise intelligent assistant
on Microsoft Teams for B2E scenarios

From Harvard Business Review

  • Pioneers, Drivers, Integrators, and Guardians are four primary work styles for accomplishing shared goals
  • Understanding how to meld different work styles will help you manage your team better…

SmartWork + Microsoft Teams will Help you identify the work styles of your team members with AI-based Know Your Employee technologies

Boost the productivity of your organization with AI-support team collaboration

  • Build conversational interface as the new face of all your intranet applications
  • Allow your employees to interact with internal process through conversations in Microsoft Teams
  • Find the bottle net and optimize the collaboration workflow with AI-powered analysis tools

SmartWork + Microsoft Teams Architecture

  • Fully integration with the Microsoft Bot Framework
  • Customizable connections to your various internal systems
  • Microsoft Cognitive Services for smart workplace

Extend the reach of your internal business process into Microsoft Teams:

  • Keep your employees connected to the intranet wherever they are
  • Kick off internal workflows and provide status on them
  • Create lightweight surveys to gauge employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Answer natural language questions about sales and customer usage data
  • Provide self service experience like applying for time-off or reimbursements
  • Matches everyone’s calendars in seconds with smartest AI scheduling assistant

Free up your IT team with AI-Supported Help Desk

  • Answer frequently asked support questions using advanced AI technology
  • Let employees experience the self-service before raising an IT support request
  • Create a conversational interface between your employees and the IT team
  • Help users to fix basic computer problems, including issues with internet access or intranet login problems

AI-powered bot to assist your sales team: anytime, anywhere on any devices

  • Find relevant products, datasheets or contact records via natural conversation
  • Remind the salesperson to send a follow-up email or update sales reports
  • Connect to internal system like ERP, CRM, Workflow and more
  • Find new sales opportunities in stale leads, increasing sales by cross selling

Communicate with users using not only text, but images, cards, and more

  • Powerful deep learning algorism for advanced computer vision ability
  • Help the insurance agencies identify the accident and the P&L coverage

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