Digital Transformation (DX) with AI

Microsoft Viva + Intumit

Microsoft Viva + Intumit SmartRobot + Intumit SmartEXP

With Microsoft Viva, Intumit’s SmartRobot and SmartEXP solutions can enhance Employee Experience (EXP) by creating a family-like environment while working from home. Integrating with SharePoint, Yammer, Dynamics 365; employees are kept connected to the work environment while properly controlling time for themselves. 

Success Case: MediaTek, Bank Sinopac, China Airlines, Citibank, Quaker, Taiwan Power, Carrefour, Taishin Bank, and more.


  • Integrate with Workplace Analytics and MyAnalytics.
  • Auto inform supervisors of colleagues mental and physical work interaction.
  • Auto-push relaxation (time management) content.
Bank Sinopac


  • Push notify company contents related to their specific projects, products, processes, and customers.
  • Manage knowledge of Cards and Topic Pages.


  • Inform colleagues targeted learning contents.
  • Share & refer learning contents to others to specific members.
Taiwan Power


  • Randomly meet and engage with colleagues.
  • Tag colleagues interests and utilize it to engage with users.
Taishin Bank