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Social Value Creation and Participation

Gender Equality

The company is committed to creating a diverse, open, equal, and free of harassment working environment, and never allow any violation of human rights, such as child labor, forced labor, etc. It is also absolutely prohibited for forms of discrimination in personal gender, sexual orientation, race, class, age, marriage, language, thought, religion, party, place of origin, birthplace, appearance, facial features, physical and mental disabilities, or past union membership. It is differential treatment or any form of discrimination. The company also provides multiple and safe complaint channels to protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees from infringement.

Diversified Education and Training

In order to enhance the professional and technical capabilities of employees, strengthen work efficiency, and pay attention to product quality, internal training and external training are provided to strengthen the professional capabilities of employees in various functions. The company’s training is listed as follows:

  1. Training for new recruits: On the day of employment, new recruits are discussed on company’s business items, work rules, employee benefits, precautions, environmental introduction, information security and personal information, so that new recruits have a basic understanding of the company.
  2. On-the-job staff training: Cultivate colleagues’ professional skills, knowledge, and management ability for work.
  3. Professional Functional Training: Send colleagues to relevant institutions for training as needed, so that they can obtain professional certification in inspection.

Healthy Workplace

In terms of promoting workplace safety and healthy environment, in addition to complying with various labor laws and regulations, the company is committed to building a healthy, safe, and comfortable workplace environment:
  1. Provide a safe and healthy working environment and necessary health and first aid facilities to eliminate hazards in the working environment that may affect the health and safety of employees, and also reduce the risk of occupational accidents.
  2. Actively care about and manage the abnormal workload of colleagues, avoid overtime work, regularly implement labor safety-related education and training and free health checks, and continue to organize various health promotion activities to fully take care of the physical and mental health of employees.
  3. There are special care and on-site services provided by physicians, relevant medical advisers, or health manuals to be provided to colleagues for reference.

Safe Working Environment

Since our company is an information service industry and not a manufacturing industry, it has no production machinery and equipment’s for operational machinery. Precautions for safe working environment:
  1. Before or during work, it is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol, or abuse drugs that are harmful to the body and mind, and the supervisor will always pay attention to the physical and mental conditions of the colleagues.
  2. Employees should not wear odd-shaped footwear such as slippers, sandals, etc., and it is strictly prohibited to walk or work barefoot in the workplace.
  3. Chasing, playing, or pranking should be strictly prohibited in the workplace.
  4. If an employee feels unwell or emotionally unable to perform assigned duties, he or she should report to their supervisor for leave.
  5. Employees should maintain the cleanliness of the workplace and jointly maintain a safe working environment.

Respect Labor Rights

The company respects the rights of employees to organize and join various associations. In terms of labor-management communication, in addition to regular labor-management representative elections and labor-management meetings, it also provides diversified communication mechanisms and platforms to ensure a harmonious and win-win labor-management relationship.

Labor-Management Communication

The company’s labor-management relationship is harmonious and stable. The company maintains a positive environment and employs positive business development and is committed to improving employee benefits. At the same time, it maintains a smooth communication channel between labor and management. Regular labor-management meetings are held to protect the rights and interests of employees. Colleagues and the company grow simultaneously and share attractive results.

Salary and Benefits

As the company strives for operational performance, it pays more attention to the rights and interests of its employees and upholds the sustainable business philosophy of “serving customers, caring for employees, and giving back to shareholders.” To improve the salary for employees, we promote a win-win situation for labor and capital, and implement corporate governance and corporate social responsibility.

Employees Salary Information:

  1. “All employees (excluding directors)” average employee benefits, average employee salary, and average number of companies in the same industry.
  2. The average and median salary of “full-time employees who are not in supervisory positions (excluding directors and managers)”.
The criteria for judging whether salary expenses and operating performance are not equal are as follows:
  1. The average (annual) salary of a full-time employee who is not in a supervisory position is less than 500,000 yuan.
  2. The company’s earnings performance (EPS) is better than its peers, but the average (annual) salary of full-time employees who are not in supervisory positions is lower than the peer’s standard.
  3. The company’s EPS increased compared to the previous year, but the average (annual) salary of full-time employees who were not in supervisory positions decreased compared with the previous year.

Employee Welfare Measures, and Retirement System

Employee Welfare Measures

In addition to health insurance and labor insurance in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Labor Standards Act of the Republic of China, the company also provides group insurance for employees and a system for assigning labor individual retirement pension accounts to protect employees’ related benefits. The measures and implementation are as follows:
  1. Enjoy special vacations, set aside pensions, establish an employee welfare committee, coordinate welfare activities, and protect labor rights.
  2. All employees participate in labor insurance and national health insurance in accordance with the law, and provide group insurance for employees, and the company shall bear the premium.
  3. Regularly handle employee health inspections and organize employee activities and tourism activities from time to time to enrich colleagues’ leisure activities and enhance friendship.
  4. Welfare measures include: regular employee health checks, employee dinners, annual gifts, performance bonuses, employee travel, etc., as well as employee education and training and other welfare measures.

Retirement System

In accordance with the relevant provisions of the “Labor Standards Act”, the company allocates employee retirement reserves to a special account at a fixed monthly salary rate, and handles employee retirement pension payments in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Standards Act. In addition, the company and its subsidiaries, in accordance with the Labor Pension Regulations, apply the new system of employees, and allocate 6% of their pensions on a monthly basis, which is stored in individual labor pension accounts to protect the rights and interests of employees. Employees can also choose to transfer 0~6% of their monthly salary to their personal retirement pension accounts. When employees reach the statutory retirement age set by the government, they can apply to the government for a monthly pension or a one-time pension.




(一) 新進人員訓練:到職當日提供有關公司之營業項目、工作規則、員工福利、注意事項、環境介紹、資安個資等說明課程,使新進人員對公司有基本的認識。
(二) 在職人員訓練:培養同仁在工作方面的專業技能、知識及管理的能力。
(三) 專業職能訓練:依需要派同仁至相關機構受訓,讓同仁取得專業的檢驗認證。


(一) 提供安全健康之工作環境及必要之健康與急救設施,消弭工作環境中可能影響員工健康安全之危害因子,降低職災風險。
(二) 主動關心並管理同仁異常工作負荷情形,避免超時工作,定期實施勞安相關教育訓練及免費健康檢查,並持續舉辦各項健康促進活動,全面照顧員工身心靈健康。
(三) 設有專案關懷及配合醫師臨場服務,提供相關醫療建議或保健手冊供同仁參閱。


(一) 上班前或工作中,嚴禁喝酒、或濫用有害身心、擾亂精神的藥物,主管應隨時注意部屬之身體及精神狀況。
(二) 員工勿穿著奇形怪狀的鞋類如拖鞋、涼鞋等,更嚴禁赤足在工作場所行走或工作。
(三) 工作場所應嚴禁追逐、嬉戲或惡作劇等行為。
(四) 員工如感覺身體不適,或情緒不佳,不能擔任指派工作時,應報告主管請假。
(五) 員工應維持工作場所的清潔衛生,共同維護安全工作環境。








(一) 非擔任主管職務之全時員工(年度)薪資平均數未達50萬元者。
(二) 公司獲利表現(EPS)較同業為佳,惟非擔任主管職務之全時員工(年度)薪資平均數低於同業水準。
(三) 公司EPS較前一年度增加,惟非擔任主管職務之全時員工(年度)薪資平均數較前一年度減少。



(一) 依法享有特休假、提撥退休金,成立職工福利委員會,統籌福利活動,保障勞工權益。
(二) 全體員工依法參加勞工保險、全民健康保險外,另提供員工團體保險,由公司負擔保費。
(三) 定期辦理員工健康檢查及不定期舉辦員工活動、旅遊活動,豐富同仁休閒活動,增進情誼。
(四) 福利措施包括:員工定期健康檢查、員工聚餐、年節禮金、績效獎金、員工旅遊等,另有員工教育訓練等福利措施。


本公司依「勞動基準法」相關規定,按每月薪資固定比率提撥員工退休準備金至專戶儲存,並依勞基法規定,辦理員工退休金支付。另外本公司及子公司依勞工退休金條例規定,適用新制之員工,按月提撥 6%退休金,儲存於勞工退休金個人專戶,保障員工之權益。員工亦可自行選擇依每月薪資 0~6%提撥至個人退休金帳戶。員工至政府規定之法定退休年齡,員工可向政府申請月退休金或是一次退休金。