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Intumit SmartABC on Apple Messages for Business

Intumit SmartABC (Smart Apple Business Connect) will enrich customers’ experience for iOS users through Apple Messages for Business.

  • Reduce the volume of unattended calls and incoming phone calls by accessing Messages.
  • Reduce the time needed for a simple inquiry.
  • Reduce business operational costs.
  • Increase brand’s trust in delivering the best support.
SmartABC Image

Seamless Communication with SmartABC

Implement Intumit conversational AI technology to interact as a business in a modern and interactive way with your customers and build a close relationship with them.

Leverage Apple’s messaging app to have a quick and efficient communication channel, making a more enjoyable customer journey.

Brands can now provide the best digital communication channel for Apple users by providing convenient customer touchpoint (entry points) for their customers.

Functions for everyone

Intumit SmartABC has suitable functions for different use cases per industry. Fully equipped with features such as list pickers, time pickers, Oauth authentication, Apple Pay, and many more.

Together with Intumit SmartABC, customers will be provided with reduced friction in communication between the brand while enriching their experience with attractive rich media while considering privacy in mind.

Users can engage with their business through multiple chat entry points that can be accessed from the website, spotlight search, mails, QR code, and even place cards.