Digital Transformation (DX) with AI


SmartDrive is built upon secure and reliable cloud service providers that ensure data safety and privacy, dedicated to keeping data organized and specifically authorized for internal users. 

It enables easy access to content and learning resources located from multiple cloud-based storage, seamlessly managing all your data, where Intumit’s solution analyze and retrieve them through Conversational AI or Knowledge Management Systems.

Efficiently search for knowledge from such platforms and incorporate digital transformation to businesses, thus, leveraging technology integration in adding more value to the company.

SmartDrive Conversational AI Integration

SmartDrive is equipped with NLP and NLU with cross-language capabilities, providing fast and reliable solutions to user’s inquiries. Initiate data extraction from documents and recognize inquiries through dialogues to find the desired data with Intumit’s Conversational AI. Intumit AI technology can realize the user’s intent to provide answers with a flow.

Work faster and productively with Intumit SmartDrive to achieve actionable plans and worry less from the overwhelming volume of contents and data. Save more time today.

SmartDrive + Intumit Smart Technologies

SmartDrive is suitable for horizontal application integration such as SmartRobot, SmartWork, SmartBert, SmartKMS, and many more. Seamless functionality among different usages, with exponential scaling capability, customer can start implementing SmartDrive with a combination of Smart technologies for vertical industries and simplify data extraction for different scenarios, granting everyone a rich experience for any occasion.