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  • Intumit SmartNFT provides service using blockchain technology in technology and media, music, art, and entertainment to assist people in creating, marketing, and selling NFTs. We use a digital tokens that can be used to store addition transaction information.
  • In other services, SmartNFT can give you ownership of the work such as your art work or music as the digital certificates, however the copyright and reproduction rights remain with the creator. 
  • Our architecture follows the structure of Business Logic, Middleware (Integration Endpoint, Records, and Connectors), and Blockchain, and the process involves receiving transactions, executing the transaction type to form a blockchain content, and to forward the blockchain network to follow-up the results.

How Blockchain Works

Use Scenario

  • Making financial transactions secure without the need for a bank.
  • To secure informationswithout the need of a middle-person.
  • Cuts out transferring process from the entire system, allowing easier use for users.
  • Can reduce back office costs for HR, where studies show billions in saving costs.
  • Lower transaction costs because no need for human processes in the middle.

Hospital sends transaction records for patient to confirm. Once confirmed, and server processes the response, insurance claims can be smoothly transacted.

Blockchain in HR

  • HR (training records…) or Supply Chain Management Systems use cases: By creating, revoking, and verifying transactional digital records smoothly while keeping track of data, we keep data fresh and safe while customers experiences reliable service.

Data Verification: to assay the qualifications, credentials, and experiences of potential candidates.

Candidate Qualifications Evaluation: blockchain can replace verifying original files.

Identify Potential Candidates: reduce time, increase accuracy, and to guarantee between enterprises and professionals.

Drafting Contracts: Smart contracts to meet agreement contents.

Collect Employee Information: allows it to quickly capture all the information and keep track of any changed data.

Employee Payroll: bitcoin and cryptocurrency can be used. *company must support the entire payment management system with bitcoin/cryptocurrency.

Industries that uses Blockchain

Vertical Industries Blockchain