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Taipei 101 (Taipei Financial Center) – Enhancing Data Verification and Management with Microsoft Azure and LINE API for Taipei 101!

Enhancing Data Verification and Management with Microsoft Azure and LINE API for Taipei 101!
The Power of Intumit SmartRobot

Taipei 101, formerly known as Taipei World Financial Center, is the tallest skyscraper in Taiwan’s capital city. Owned by the Taiwanese company Taipei Financial Center Corporation, it’s home to major global corporations like Google, Amazon, and Bank of America. 

In addition to being a prestigious business address, Taipei 101 hosts a variety of events year-round.
Intumit contributed to Taipei 101’s 2022 Christmas event by integrating LINE API and Microsoft Azure, providing enhanced internal data management and seamless customer experiences.

During the event, customers can receive Taipei city meal bag set and Christmas meal bag set as gifts by collecting two electronic stamps/points.

To collect these points,they will have to scan the QR code at specific stores and exchange them for vouchers. They can redeem the gift by presenting the voucher along with the payment receipt for a single purchase at the designated store.


Intumit integrated the LINE API with features that are available to use for the process of data authentication and verification. Everything is done in the LINE App, one of the most preferred messaging application in Taiwan.

The solution is also supported by Microsoft Azure, along with its information storage and management services. Simplifying information management that has been collected from the users.

With LINE API’s integration, data collection is easily done by scanning the QR code, helping vendors to verify users’ qualifications for the event. If the users are eligible for the event, they will be able to participate in the giveaway. Furthermore, it also helps in the marketing aspect, as users can share the event through the LINE app as well.

Intumit also provided inventory management for all the digital assets and information through a simple backstage system.

By simply accessing a URL, it is possible to see the information anytime and anywhere. The information can also be downloaded in an excel form that will give the client a thorough information. This will help in easing the process of information management.


With Intumit’s LINE implementation, Taipei 101 received an outstanding value of invoice that exceeded one million New Taiwan Dollar and successfully received 3,000 records of point collection on the second day of the event.

In addition, the LINE UID makes it possible to analyze consumers behavior such as consumption habits and preferences which improve internal customer insights.

>1 million TWD

invoice value


records of
point collection at the 2nd day


Improved customer insights