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Bank SinoPac – Smart Customer Service

Smart Customer Service

The Bank SinoPac provides banking services to both individuals and businesses in Taiwan.

As for Bank SinoPac, Intumit’s SmartWork supports either external cases; Conversational commerce for deposits, securities, or fund investments. As well as internal cases; IT Copilot and HR on Microsoft Teams


Intumit’s Conversational AI can answer any questions related to Office365 FAQs, IT, and work manuals through a natural language chat.

If the Conversational AI does not respond, a customer service operator will step in if there are sensitive words or the customer requests to speak with someone.


Intumit helps to stabilize the status of both old and new membership customers using the Line platform features.

The official account has also increased people’s satisfaction, as they started to join more often. Conversational AI has provided financial services with 85% accurate answers.


85% of the time, Intumit’s Conversational AI provides a correct answer without operator support, which means Conversational AI is responsible for 88% of the chat tasks on its own.

Moreover, Conversational AIs have been able to increase new customers and stabilize old members as well since they keep updating news and activities, even though they are used for only 15% of the marketing.


Conversational AI supports in FAGs


Conversational AI supports in marketing