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FamilyMart – Smart Customer Service

Smart Customer Service

FamilyMart is the second-largest Japanese convenience store chain. It currently has 24,574 stores worldwide, including in Japan, Taiwan, China, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Currently, Intumit has developed Conversational AI for internal as well as external support. Among our customers are both employees and consumers. Therefore, the topics aren’t just about internal questions, products, campaigns, or other IT manuals. External customers will have access to information such as membership, shipping, and payments.


We have used the Conversation AI of Intumit in a number of different platforms, including using LINE’s in-house chatbot to provide education and training files and other FAQs for our internal staff, as well as using the Website and App to promote new activities and events.


SmartRobot understands conversation through NLU with omni-channel implementations, such as the Family Mart Web, App, LINE, and Facebook.

Intumit also provides training for more than 1000 FAQs to support customers if customers want to narrow their results.


The Conversational AI does help in internal consultations which account for around 80% of total conversations.

In addition, it improves over time for more accurate and fast responses, resulting in an increase in user interaction.


chatbot provides an accurate answers.


user interaction rate