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Intumit Expands into the Philippines: IDTC and Intumit signed Distribution Partnership Agreement for the Philippines Market

Intumit is honored to partner with Innovative Distribution Technologies Corporation (IDTC), a company in the Philippines dedicated to revolutionizing the emerging market with advanced software and AI solutions.

IDTC will be reselling and distributing Intumit SmartKMS, a knowledge management system powered with Generative AI in the Philippines market. As Intumit continues to explore expansion into the ASEAN market together with IDTC and their reseller Intellyx IT Solutions, with over 10 years of professional experience in Digital Transformation using AI and Machine Learning.

Intumit SmartKMS, with semantic search, enhances workflows by facilitating the management of diverse data and knowledge contents while prioritizing access levels, privacy, and security, all supported by its sophisticated AI capabilities.

Intumit’s partnership with IDTC solidifies our commitment to the Philippines market. With our shared vision of innovation and close business relationship, Intumit is thrilled to work together with IDTC to enhance our services into the Philippines market.

About Innovative Distribution Technologies Corporation, Website:

Innovative Distribution Technologies Corporation is a dynamic Philippines company that thrives on overcoming challenges through innovation. IDTC’s objective is to curate a range of solutions tailored to the evolving market, offering brands and products to our resellers and partners with unparalleled expertise. IDTC aims to equip partners with cutting-edge technology and innovations, enabling their end users to drive growth and enhance efficiency effectively.

About Intumit Inc., Website:

Intumit is a Taiwanese company that develops and provides sophisticated AI platforms. The company was founded in 1999 and has over 650 customers in variety of industries in both internal and external solutions. Intumit delivers cutting-edge AI solutions, especially with Generative AI, for both internal and external applications, and is committed to providing its customers with the best possible AI solutions.