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Carrefour – Establishing Brand Relationship with Conversational AI

Establishing Brand Relationship with Conversational AI

Intumit supported Carrefour by enhancing customers’ shopping experience as seamless as possible.

We provided multiple channels to increase customer touchpoints, such as Messenger and LINE.


We designed and integrated a conversational AI with the company’s inventory management system which makes product search and shopping very simple for the customers.

Customers can shop just by typing on the product or select the recommended products that are provided by the conversational AI.

In addition, the conversational AI has the knowledge to reply on FAQs regarding products/ shopping related queries and has the feature with interactive carousel activities that entices the customers to interact with the company daily and even more during the holiday seasons.


During the holiday seasons, Carrefour wanted to be more engaged with their customers and created attractive marketing promotional activities in a form of games.


Users Reached in 3 weeks during holiday season


Increase in conversion after receiving promotional coupons