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National Taxation Bureau – Digitally Transforming Taxation Process in Taiwan

Digitally Transforming Taxation Process in Taiwan

In order to simplify the taxation process, Intumit has collaborated with the National Taiwan Taxation Bureau and developed a conversational AI which is integrated across taxation bureaus in Taiwan for a 24/7 customer support.

Allowing easy access for everyone, especially citizens who live in remote places and with physical disabilities.

The virtual agent is currently implemented in 5 areas across Taiwan.
Taipei, Northern Taiwan, Southern Taiwan, Central Taiwan, and Kaohsiung.


The AI virtual agent can be accessed on the website, allowing citizens to connect with just one click away, and it can provide answers regarding tax related FAQs, such as required documents, taxation period, items to report, and many more.

The AI virtual agent is compatible both on desktop and mobile.

Focusing on a seamless user experience and provide quick navigation to the website content.

The intelligent chatbot can record user’s response with their consent, allowing the AI to improve their capabilities.

Thus, providing a more accurate and interactive communication channel for everyone.


Upon the release of the customer service chatbot, the customer interaction with it has reached more than 65% of total interaction from all channels.

> 85%

More than 85% of conversations completed

The chatbot can transfer the users to their respective regional live agents if needed.

< 22%

22% less transfer to live agent