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Taipower – Internal AI Assistant on top of Microsoft Teams

Internal AI Assistant on top of Microsoft Teams

The Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) is a state-owned energy company based in Taiwan, China. In addition to providing electricity to Taiwan and surrounding areas, it has about 27,000 employees.

Through the use of Intumit Conversational AI and Live Chat, QA can be introduced in the electricity business alongside an internal knowledge management system on the App and Facebook Messenger.


Intumit integrates Knowledge Management System into each department for knowledge sharing and exchange to the entire company equally. This allows employees to get accurate answers to their questions from experts within the company.

An internal AI Assistant helps answer standard questions via Microsoft Teams and Web channels, and the system also provides articles, text and images for IT -related operations. In addition, OCR technology and a Deep Learning module support text mining to answer user questions based on content entered by previous experts.


With Internal Conversational AI and Microsoft Teams, the percentage of employees using the chatbot service increased by 70% and 82% shows that the Intumit Conversational AI is useful in providing an accurate answers to users.

70% of employees using the chatbot service.

There is an increase in users since 92% of answers are accurate.