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THSR – Smart Sales Booking Service

Smart Sales Booking Service

Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) is Taiwan’s high speed railway. It is the shortest high speed railroad in the world. It is operated as a national high-speed north-south MRT on its way up and down the island. By shortening travel times, these regions, which were once inaccessible, have become connected via a system called “one-day living circles.”

With Intumit’s Smart Booking, users can book tickets in natural language using voice support. Furthermore, users can inquire about fare, time, dates, and reservations, as well as general inquiries.


Intumit has integrated voice service into the existing “T-Express” system to increase online sales and reduce ticketing costs for customers who need voice support more convenient and usable services, thanks to artificial intelligence voice reservation.

The Taiwan High Speed Rail Corp (THSRC) says it is now possible to buy tickets via Facebook Messenger and an app called T-Express, travelers can check schedules and ticket availability, reserve seats, and make online payments. For this service, SmartRobot is equipped with Intumit’s multi-turn conversation engine, which also supports speech recognition and various front-end interfaces.


Intumit Conversational AI provides 82% of an accurate answer for customers who use the booking service, make reservations through the booking app, and pay at an even higher rate of 85.

85% of customers complete payments via T-Express app
82% Conversational AI provides accurate answers