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Taishin Bank – Intelligent Customer Support

Intelligent Customer Support

Intumit developed a conversational AI that is integrated with the bank’s internal system which is combined with messaging app features, making it accessible via website and messaging API (Line BC).


Taishin’s conversational AI is differentiated into 2 channels, Rose which is targeted for the public and Richart which is targeted for younger customers and can be accessed in LINE.

The features that are provided for customers include and not limited to foreign currency trading, credit card application, loan application, and many more.

The chatbot is also capable to assist customers in answering FAQs as well, simplifying and transforming traditional banking support into a modern one-stop solution for banking, reaching a wide segment of customers.

It is also equipped with an STT/TTS intelligent voice recognition (AoG) function that has an accuracy rate of over 90%.


The results showed an increasing number of customer interaction with the bank by 70% through chat, with a completion rate of 90% between sessions.


Increase in Customer Interaction


Customer Request Completion Rate